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SSL Certificates Required By January 2017

SSL Certificates Required By January 2017

Google announced in September that they were going to make it mandatory for all websites to have an SSL Certificate. It is not surprising that they have made this move based on previous moves to give better rankings to sites that were already secured.

Googles goal is to help foster a more secure Internet experience for online users. With the shear amount of information being shared on a daily basis having all websites secured is a big security boost. Most websites have a log-in form of some type and it is because of this sharing of information that this requirement has developed.

Many people are going to take this as Google just throwing its weight around. In some ways they are right, but Google is doing this for the right reasons. Websites that are not secured by and SSL Certificate will see a ranking penalty and a new feature on the search bar showing a site is not secured by an SSL Certificate. Below is an example of what the Chrome Web Browser will eventually show.


This will not only affect Google Chrome, but other browsers as well including FireFox, Internet Explorer and others. For years unsecure sites were not given much of a designation other than Http://. It was left up to the user to decide whether they visited a site or not. However, most people never even noticed that many of the websites they visited were not secured by a SSL Certificate. This has led to many phishing websites gaining personal and financial information allowing them to commit fraud and identity theft. While a SSL Certificate does not guarantee you will not be taken advantage of in this manner it does allow you to know that your information is being encrypted properly.

You can reduce the chances of your information being stolen by doing business online with websites that are actual businesses. These businesses go through a vetting process conducted by the SSL Certificate provider such as Thawte, GeoTrust and other leading brands. You will be able to see the difference in your browser search bar as the company information will be built right into search bar icon. When you click on it you will be able to know everything about this business. Below are some examples of and Extended Validation SSL Certificate and how it shows up on some of the most popular browsers.





The extended validation SSL Certificate as seen above is the most secure type of SSL Certificate that a business can obtain, but it is also the hardest to obtain. To obtain the EV SSL Certificate a business must be listed by the or Dun and Bradstreet. Have a valid state business license and provide all documentation related to prove it is a legitimate business.

EV SSL Certificate Not Just For Corporations

Small business owners operating as a sole proprietorship need not worry. While the process is a bit more involved getting an EV SSL Certifcate for your sole proprietorship is easily accomplished, but can be done. Having an EV SSL Certificate is a great sales tool for your business. It immediately builds trust for your customers and that helps to build sales. It is a pretty safe bet that a website with an EV SSL Certificate is going to be a good place to shop unless of course they don’t have what you need.

Mandatory SSL Certificates is a Great Thing

Don’t look at this upcoming change in a negative way at all. In fact it will help your website prove to your visitors that you take the security of their information seriously. Sometimes a big company like Google throwing its weight around can be a positive for everyone.

Read the announcement on Google’s Blog

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