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What is a domain name

Domain name or simply Domain is the word used to describe a websites URL or Address. So for example you reached our website by typing our domain into the address bar of your browser. Other examples are,, etc. Domains are used to identify your website or business on the internet and are a very important part of your online presence and brand recognition. A domain (website address) points to the server that your website is hosted on. It will be a shared hosting account or maybe even a dedicated server hosted in a data center of your choosing. This server holds the files of your website which is what tells the server what to display when a visitor reaches your website. Domains can have one of hundreds of domain extensions – for example .com, .net, .org, etc. with .com being the most popular and recognized domain extension in the world. However, with the branding potential that many other extensions offer it is becoming more common to see domains with names like, and many others. You are only limited by what you can dream up, what extensions are available and of course if someone else doesn’t already own the name you want.

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