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Green Standard

NameShark - Eco Friendly and Powerful.

At NameShark we have a standard for power and also for being Eco Friendly. That is why our Data Center Partners must be environmentally friendly by using solar, wind or another type of renewable energy source. However, it doesn’t stop there for our partners. All of the servers that we use are sourced for reliability and power to keep your website up and running 24/7, but they are also low voltage which means a significant savings on electricity needs and heat coming from our servers. This means an additional lower impact on our environment.

We are proud of our data centers partners who have been selected by the selected by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR® Partner. Thank you for helping to keep our environment safe for our children and grand-children.

New York Data Center
Precision Cooling Dedicated Servers

Precision Cooling

Cool Dedicated Servers

We are not talking about social status for our dedicated servers. Although they are pretty cool. Our Data Center Partners maintain our dedicated servers in a state of the art facility that monitors the temperature of each server rack. This means that your servers are always kept cool leading to fewer chances of hardware failure. This is extremely important as your website is hosted on a dedicated server that operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year non-stop. Imagine your home computer being on all day everyday and how hot it might get if it had thousands of people accessing it on a daily basis. Rest assured we take it seriously.

Redundant Connections

Redundant High Speed Connections

Providing the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance is our top priority. Our Data Center Partners have premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections across the globe. Our datacenter has multiple fiber optic fiber carriers (both underground, and aerial, out of multiple diverse paths from their facility). Our Data Center Partners operate Dark Fiber to separate redundant carriers offering connectivity in excess of 200 Gbps. Their Juniper routers provide border network connectivity utilizing BGP4 for redundant and optimal route access to their Internet backbone carriers. All of these components provide the reliability and redundancy that is the foundation behind our 99.9999% Network Uptime Guarantee.

redundant connections

24/7 Security

Security and Fire Safety!


On-site Security

Our Data Center Partner operates a SSAE-16 Certified datacenter that was a former U.S. Government building. It is made to U.S. Federal Government standards, with 1-foot thick concrete along the perimeter, plus additional re-inforced walls and security enhancements. They have installed advanced security systems, and infrared based surveillance monitoring cameras. Employees all undergo background screening, and clients are not permitted within the facility except with photo ID and escorted by trained security personnel at all times.They own and operate our their New York-based green, SSAE-16 Certified, Datacenter, with a fully redundant next generation fiber optic network, and offer a 99.9999% Network Uptime Guarantee on all of our services.

Fire Protection

Our Datacenter providers utilize state of the art fire detection and suppression systems including a fully integrated and automated FM-200 Fire Protection and Safety system. The alarm system is fully monitored 24x7x365 by their own in-house staff and is directly tied to the local fire department. FM-200 (Heptafluoropropane) is a safe, clean fire-protection agent that wont harm people, the environment or cause collateral damage to technical equipment.

Renewable Resources

Solar, Wind and other Renewable Power Sources!

The advanced on-site roof-top solar array provides clean, pollution-free power. Every square inch of our Data Center Partners roof is covered with solar panels, creating a massive clean energy-producing power plant. Their on-site solar power generation is one of the unique green aspects that makes our Data Center Partners stand out from all other Data Centers. We love that they do what is right for the environment and our customers.

In addition clean, renewable power is transmitted to our Data Center Partners through the use of energy credits and ecologically friendly power companies.

Solar Power Data Center
Backup Generator Power

Backup Power

On Site Backup Power Generator!

Being Eco-Friendly is amazing, but there are times in our lives when the power simply can and will fail. That is why our Data Center Partners install backup generators onsite that keep their data center running and your website up in the event of a catastrophic interruption to the power supply. Lets face it even with onsite solar panels it is hard to generate power if it is a cloudy day with a winter storm dumping snow on your Data Center. This can happen and that is why our Data Center Partners are prepared for this worst case scenario. Both our company and theirs know how important it is to keep your business up and running.