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About NameShark Web Hosting


NameShark Roots

Established in 2016 by U.S. Army Veteran Kevin Grames after a major health issue caused him to look for a new career. His fascination and love of the Internet and Web Hosting in particular led him to found NameShark Web Hosting Services. With a simple focus on customers, price and amazing infrastructure NameShark focused mostly on regional business owners for the first few years.

Why Choose NameShark As Your Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Server Partner

Fast forward a few years and NameShark stands out through its relentless search to find the best technology partners. This means we only use the best data centers around the world and have a preference to use Data Center Partners that have strong environmental programs in place.

Customer Satisfaction Always

NameShark’s commitment to customers has gone beyond just the relationship on a personal side. It is about constantly working to insure that our network reliability, hardware and over all quality of our services exceeds the expectations of our customers. We provide a 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on most of our services.

NameShark provides 24/7 support and what has made a difference over the years was that our founder actually was taking personal calls from business owners that helped build confidence in the NameShark Web Hosting brand.

The Most Up-To-Date Hardware and Software

NameShark servers are carrier-class that use Intel-based CPU’s exclusively. All of our servers are housed in world class data centers around the world. We work with our data-center partners to provide advance optimized Internet application hosting that provides speeds that are up to 33% faster then the competition that uses default-installation software. We are experts in both Linux and Windows, but mainly cater to Linux for its robust development and lower operating costs for our clients. With a wide range of control panels and Operating Systems we are able to help you better manage your server or website.

Help When You Need It!

NameShark is here to help when you need it. Our experts can provide support on everything from installing a script to security questions about your e-commerce site to even ways to optimize your website. You can even find many of the answers you need on our blog, FAQ area or one of the Video Tutorials we have available.

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